For configuring BLE sensors kindly see below link and description.

Link also consist of video tutorial for configuring sensor.

You will also need to configure the BLE sensor.
For that first download the mobile application to a mobile device that is NFC Capable. We will need below application to enable and configure the BLE Sensor itself.

Once downloaded kindly follow the steps on the video attached on how to enable and configure sensor . You will only need to change three things below:

1.) TAG Enable State: Enable (Green)
2.) TAG Power: 4
3.) TAG Format: RHT (or which ever sensor you are using)

Kindly note that the one on the video is for a Magnetic sensor hence the TAG Format selected was MOV MAG. Kindly make sure it is RHT as you are configuring a temperature and humidity sensor.

Once that is done, kindly select Write option to save the configuration on the sensor. You will then need to go to "Scanner Options" and take note of the MAC ID of the sensor as you will be needing this when configuring the FMB920 device.

After that, you may now proceed in configuring your FMB920/FMB120 device. Kindly check video below to see how it will be configured on the FMB920 device:

I am also attaching below the BLE Sensor related document in below link